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We are a small independent business based in rural Devon and have been makers of bespoke solid oak cat trees and cat scratchers since 2017.

Having searched and failed to find any feline furniture we would want in our own home that would not be an eyesore but look elegant and well crafted, we resorted to making them ourselves.  We are now proud makers and producers of cat trees and cat scratchers and  that are sustainable ~ original ~ durable ~ authentic and beautiful.  

We source our oak locally by foraging and also buying from and supporting local farmers, who have fallen oaks on their land through storm damage or old age.  The oak is then seasoned for two years before the sculpting process can begin to transform a humble length of timber into a piece of original design.  

To enhance the natural grain, knots and character of the wood, a lengthy process of applying only natural oils and beeswax takes place before finally the addition of the sheepskin and sisal.

Our cat trees and scratchers are made with style and longevity in mind. They will create that special place for your pet whilst doubling up as an addition to your interior that you will be proud to own. 



Our Lazing Trees are truly sophisticated!


All Lazing Trees are made from natural formations of oak with no bolted on limbs they arrive assembled ready for use. 


Our cat trees range from 2ft - 6ft (60cm - 182cm) in height, with one or more snooze areas for your cat to sleep and languish in pure comfort.  Cat paradise.

The lazing areas are supplied either with solid oak platforms or handmade wicker baskets, both adorned with soft authentic sheepskin in a natural colour of your choice.

Your cat tree comes with a 2 year guarantee, but there is no reason if treated correctly why your cat tree would not last decades like any other quality English oak furniture.

Sophisticated Scratch has 4 collections of cat tree each title dictating the number of sleep areas for kitties but every cat tree is also a totally bespoke piece with its own unique reference number

LYNX  - 1 Sleep area

SERVAL - 2 Sleep areas

CARACAL  - 3 Sleep areas     

ONCILLA - 4 Sleep areas   





Our cat scratchers are available in various sizes and come fully assembled and ready to use with a 2 year guarantee.

Please check the size of each individual product as the following is a guide giving minimal measurements and the product may be bigger.

We use a minimal thickness of 10mm - 12mm natural sisal on all our cat scratchers making them last up to 5 times longer than high street options, we also offer a re-sisal replacement service when needed.

Cats love scratching on sisal, they are naturally drawn to it and a cat scratcher is the perfect solution to saving your soft furnishings from being used as kitties work-out station.


Sophisticated Scratch has 5 designs in our cat scratcher range suitable for all breeds. Some designs offer extra versatility for large cats and cats challenged with mobility.

OCELOT ~  our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 50cm with 10mm sisal, suitable for breeds like Siamese, Cornish/Devon Rex, Scottish Fold and Sphynx.

SUNDRA ~   bigger than our Ocelot with a minimum height of 70cm with 12mm sisal suitable for breeds like Savannah F3+, Bengal, Birmin, British Shorthair and Persians. 

JAGUARUNDI ~   our largest cat scratcher with a minimum height 90cm with 12mm sisal, suitable for extra large breeds like Maine Coon, Savannah F1,F2 and Norwegian Forest.

PALLAS ~   a larger circumference scratcher sitting lower to the ground with 12mm sisal suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

PANTANAL ~   a versatile scratcher with 10mm sisal that is easily moved to different areas of the house to save soft furnishings from being destroyed, also suitable for cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

View Our happy Kitties





The robust structure of English oak and the design of a Sophisticated Scratch cat tree is such that it should last a cats entire lifetime and beyond with the correct use. 

Did you know one cat will use a scratching tree up to 20 times a day, so the sisal will need replacement at some point in the future especially if you have multiple cats.

Sophisticated Scratch cat scratchers are natural, sustainable and reusable.

The sisal on our cat scratchers is of the highest quality and extremely tough we use a minimal 10mm thickness that will last one cat up to 18 months before sisal replacement is needed.
Sophisticated Scratch conveniently offer a re-sisal service so you never have to buy a whole new cat scratcher again, simply replace the sisal and keep the original tree our prices start from only £29 + postage.

Contact us with the unique reference number found on the base of your tree for an instant quote.


All our sheepskins are sourced locally right here in Devon.

Sheepskin's are magical, they are cool in the summer, warm in winter and great for pets of any age. The fibres breathe and act like a natural thermostat that offer's both comfort and warmth and are hand washable with our Woolskin wash.

Colours available:
   •    Rare Breed Light
   •    Rare Breed Dark
   •    Ivory
   •    Otter Brown
   •    Icelandic Rusty
   •    Icelandic Black/Grey

Rare Breed Dark
Icelandic Black/White
Rare Breed Light
Icelandic Rusty



Our wicker cat beds are handmade in the heart of the West Country on the Somerset Levels by the Coate family who have been growing withies on the moors since 1819.

We have 3 basket designs to choose from available in 2 sizes medium and large or 1 cat or 2, for large breeds such as Maine Coon please choose the large or 2 cat basket option.


43x43cm 🐈‍⬛





High Wall Basket A.jpg




If you fancy something other than our wicker baskets we also have solid English oak open platforms to display kitties lazing around

These oak platforms have a velcro area where the sheepskin attaches to stop cats slipping and easy removal for washing.


Ratty is a association toy handmade from natural sheepskin and sisal and cats just love him.

Ratty helps your pet understand that this is their furniture to play and sleep on. Size varies but he is a minimal 40cm long from his nose to tip of tail.

Ratty is the most natural cat toy you will find and only available from Sophisticated Scratch.



Ratty Colours

  • Ivory body 

  • Otter brown

  • Rare breed light 

  • Rare breed dark

(See sheepskins above​)

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