We are a small independent business based in rural Devon and have been makers of luxury bespoke solid oak cat trees and scratchers since 2017.

Having searched and failed to find any unique feline furniture we would want in our own home that would not be an eyesore but look elegant and well crafted, we resorted to making them ourselves.  We are now proud makers and producers of scratchers and trees that are

natural ~ sustainable ~ original ~ durable ~ authentic and beautiful.  

We source our oak locally by foraging and also buying from and supporting local farmers, who have fallen oaks on their land through storm damage or old age.  The oak is then seasoned for two years before the sculpting process can begin to transform a humble length of timber into a piece of design.  

To enhance the natural grain, knots and character of the wood, a lengthy process of applying only natural oils and beeswax takes place before finally the addition of the sisal.

Our cat trees and scratchers are made with style and longevity in mind. They will create that special place for your pet whilst doubling up as a  addition to your interior you will be proud to own.  


Sophisticated Scratch lazing trees are unique statement pieces of furniture that stand out in the home in a positive way providing cats with raised sleeping areas.

All lazing trees are natural formations with no bolted on limbs and range from 2ft-6ft in height with one or more sleeping areas that can accommodate even the largest cats comfortably.

The sleeping areas are either solid English oak platforms for the open look or handmade wicker basket beds for a more closed look giving cats more privacy.

Beds are lined with super soft sheepskin available in multiple natural tones or if you prefer we also offer have synthetic puffball options, both are removable and washable.

Sophisticated Scratch cat trees come fully assembled ready to use with a 2 year guarantee. 

LYNX - 1 Sleep area

SERVAL 2 Sleep areas

CARACAL 3 Sleep areas

ONCILLA 4 Sleep areas

BORNEO 5 Sleep areas

COLOCOLO 6 Sleep areas



Sophisticated Scratch cat scratchers are bespoke, handmade from solid English oak and available in various sizes.

We use a minimal thickness of 10mm - 12mm natural sisal on all our cat scratchers and we offer a re-sisal replacement service when needed.

Cats love scratching on sisal they are naturally drawn to it. 

Scratching is a natural way of marking territory and a great way to have a good stretch, as well as the physical marks made scratching also leaves behind a scent releasing hormones at the same time, this helps mark territory and helps cats feel at ease in their surrounding.

Scratching can also be used as a precursor for play or even as an attention-seeking tool by the more manipulative and social individuals.

Popular areas kitty may want to scratch upon include softwoods (eg, pine), fabrics, textured wallpaper and carpet and popular locations include door frames, furniture and stairs.

Place cat scratchers around the home so cats do not use your soft furnishings as their work out station.

Sisal is a natural fibre extracted from the leaves of the Agave Sisalana, a succulent plant closely related to the plant which brings us tequila, it grows in dry desert climates such as the plains of Mexico and other parts of the New World.

The sisal fibre is traditionally used for rope and twine, and has many other uses, including paper, cloth, footwear, hats, bags, carpets, and dartboards. 

Sophisticated Scratch cat scratchers come fully assembled ready to use with a 2 year guarantee. 


OCELOT our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 50cm with 10mm sisal, suitable for smaller breeds like Siamese and Devon Rex.

SUNDRA bigger than our Ocelot with a minimum height of 70cm with 12mm sisal suitable for all average size breeds.

JAGUARUNDI our largest cat scratcher with a minimum height 90cm with 12mm sisal, suitable for large breeds like Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest.

PALLAS a larger circumference scratcher sitting lower to the ground with 12mm sisal suitable for all breeds especially cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

PANTANAL a versatile scratcher with 10mm sisal than can be easily moved around the home to stop kitty attacking furniture, suitable for all breeds



Sophisticated Scratch luxury cat trees last for kitties entire lifetime but with razor sharp claws tearing at the sisal on a daily basis it will inevitably need replacement at some point in the future especially if you have more than one cat.

Sisal will last one cat on average 9-18 months. 

To make your sisal last longer have your cats claws clipped on a regular basis by a vet, never do this yourself unless you have been shown by a professional. 

Most cats have light coloured claws, making it easy to see the blood vessels and nerves that supply the claw as a pink stripe at the base of the nail, which is called a quick. If you cut into the quick, the claw will bleed and the cat will experience pain.



When kitties have eventually worn through the sisal Sophisticated Scratch offers a convenient re-sisal service so you never have to buy a new scratcher or lazing tree again.

We also give your cat scratcher or cat tree a complete overhaul as part of the service.

Prices start from just £29 + postage.


Contact us with your unique reference number found on the base of your tree and postcode for an instant quote.

You can also drop your scratcher off to us here at Sophisticated Scratch you will find our address at the bottom of the page.


Packaging :-

Please pack your cat scratcher in a robust sturdy box with cushioning so there is no movement and insure it with your chosen courier. We do not take responsibility for broken cat scratchers we receive.


Tip: Keep the packaging of your Sophisticated Scratch tree when it arrives so you can use the re-sisal service at a later date, this will  help keep shipping costs down.


Sophisticated Scratch has chosen to work with Lambland from Ilfracombe in Devon established in 1961 as our sheepskin supplier.

These genuine luxury soft silky wool pile sheepskins that offer both comfort and warm for any well loved pet and are washable with our Woolskin wash.

Cats find sheepskin extremely relaxing that's why we use it as our bedding on Sophisticated Scratch cat trees, it is naturally soft and also helps minimize the concentration of pressure to one body part relieving muscle pain as real wool helps distribute pressure more evenly. 

Sheepskin is cool in the summer and warm in the winter and great for pets of any age as its fibres breathe to act like a natural thermostat.


We have 6 natural colours to choose from

  • Rare Breed Light

  • Rare Breed Dark

  • Ivory

  • Otter Brown

  • Icelandic Rusty

  • Icelandic Black/Grey

Sheepskins are available to buy separately and come ready to be attached to your existing Sophisticated Scratch cat tree.

Colours with vary due to this being a natural product.

Rare Breed Dark
Icelandic Black/White
Rare Breed Light
Icelandic Rusty


Our wicker luxury cat beds are handmade in the heart of the Somerset Levels by the Coate family who have been growing withies on the moors since 1819 and making baskets and willow charcoal for almost 50 years.

The unique wetland environment of the Somerset Levels and moors is perfect for growing willow as well as being a haven for wildlife.

Basket making willow has been grown here for two centuries, and it is now the only area left where it is still commercially grown and processed for the production of baskets, furniture, garden items and high quality artists' charcoal.


The Somerset Levels is the most important wetland area in the U.K. This unique landscape provides the perfect conditions for willow growing. Here indeed is the heart of the English willow industry, an industry that in many ways has not changed for centuries.

The willow beds provide homes and shelter for many species of birds and animals during the summer months.

Willow growing is part of the rich environmental heritage of this area of Somerset. Both the commercial willow crops, or beds and the pollarded willow trees contribute to the character and image of the region.

Machines are now used for cutting the withies and stripping off the bark, but in many ways the industry has hardly changed.



Rodney Rat is an association toy handmade from natural sheepskin and sisal and he helps kitties understand that this is their cat furniture to play and sleep on. 

Rodney Rats body is handmade from sheepskin which also contains lanolin and one popular theory about lanolin and felines is that cats love the scent and taste of the lanolin in the wool fibers because it reminds them of their mothers.

The lanolin in the wool also acts as a natural moisturiser, keeping your pets coat glossy, and it also deters bacterial growth and other irritants (like bugs) it is often used as key ingredient in flea/tick control sprays making it an excellent choice for cat bedding.

Rodneys tail is made from natural sisal and allows a cat's claws to slide through the material, shredding as they go. Cat's love this because they feel as though they are leaving a visible mark for other cats to read, plus it feels great to them 

Rodney Rat is the most natural cat toy you will find and only available from Sophisticated Scratch.