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Di Gallant

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Hello I am Di Gallant an avid cat lover with a passion for the Siamese breed I have had them in my life which is for over forty years now and could never see myself without one. Presently we have a chocolate point, you will see him in the photo above and he is frequently modelling our cat trees and cat scratchers his name is Samuel Scampers (Scampi) he is 15 years old now and is my absolute world.

I started Sophisticated Scratch in 2017 after struggling to find nice modern cat furniture for our home. I searched far and wide for something different and unique but found the market repetitious and mainly of poor quality.

Like a lot of people I have nice carpets and furnishings in my home but I found my cat scratcher and cat tree spoilt the look and I would often end up putting them in a less used room so it could not be seen.

This initially solved the issue I had with my less desired cat furniture now hidden but presented a new problem of my cats not being in the same room as me and I wanted them around me so I could see them and show them my love.

This is when I had the idea to start making our own cat trees and cat scratchers that would be nice to look at and fit in with my existing decor in my main living areas of my home.


My First Scratcher

I have always had a creative flair but initially I came from a horse loving background and my first career was working with racehorses for champion trainer Martin Pipe in the 80s but after multiple falls I decided it was not for me and time for a career change and I entered into running a pubs with my husband Mark in the West Country which we did for many successful years until the industry started to change.

In 2007 I qualified as an Emergency Care Assistant for NHS working of the ambulances and did multiple house renovations in my spare time with my husband Mark its here I learnt to use the tools of my now trade.

After being diagnosed with ME in 2014 I decided to prepare for another career change. Working on ambulances is a very demanding role and longterm I would not be able to manage this type of career with this condition so I started to put the wheels in motion for Sophisticated Scratch and we launched in 2017.

I started out on my own with guidance from Mark but It's much busier now so Mark now works along side me and we both create these gorgeous cat trees and scratchers together.

Mark is Canadian although he has lived in the UK for well over 20 years now and is very talented in his own right he has built multiple houses in Canada and many house renovations in the UK.


Now as a husband and wife team our English and Canadian backgrounds entwine and bring a beautiful product to the market for you to enjoy.

We absolutely love making cat trees and cat scratchers and are very passionate about our creations, standards and customer service and best of all we love to see kitties enjoying our cat trees and cat scratchers all over the world.





Sophisticated Scratch trees use thickness of 10mm to 12mm sisal, far superior than high street cat scratchers which means they last a lot longer. Sophisticated Scratch offers a re-sisal service so you never have to buy a new scratcher for kitty again, prices start at just £3.99 per sisal metre.


Dispatch of your tree will happen within 10 business days.

Large trees come with personal delivery or on a pallet, Scratchers will arrive boxed.

Fancy a different bed design on your tree no problem we sell our own handmade wicker basket beds & sheepskins in 5 natural colour choices ready to attach to your exhisting Sophisticated Scratch tree. 

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“Cookie wasted no time trying out his scratcher, we hardly got it out the box and he was scratching upon it. Thank you Di”

Rosemary R

“.Totally amazed how quick our cat took to his scratcher, best one we have ever had”

— Nuno F