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English Oak 

Cat Trees & Scratchers


Cat Scratchers

Sophisticated Scratch quality cat trees and cat scratchers are extremely durable making them the most robust hard wearing product on the market today. More than just a cat scratcher or luxury cat beds these handmade bespoke designs have been created as art decor to enhance your homes and replace the less pleasant high street designs that dominate the market place.

Sophisticated Scratch trees and scratchers do not tire easily and keep thier appeal and luxury looks for years and years just like any other quality English oak product.

Our scratchers starting heights are considerbly larger than store brought ones and come with a two year guarantee.

Only one scratcher created of every design you see making them totally bespoke and unique to you.

You only need to buy your scratcher or tree ONCE ! no more repetitive replacment cost and annual trips to the pet shop. Periodic re-sisal will be necessary as kitty sharpens those talons on a daily basis but dont worry you can do yourself or send it back to me and I will do it for you.

We only use 10-12mm quality Agave sisalana (sisal) thickness which is 4-6mm larger than most other cat scratcher brands making them last much longer.

We do large cat scratchers for large breed cats such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's,  these breeds need a cat scratcher and cat tree of substance to with stand the extra strength and weight they have.

Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticated Scratch modern cat furniture and and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.

Sisal worn out don't worry just return your tree and we will replace the sisal for you, prices start from £3.99 per sisal metre.

If you have a large tree dont worry we do home visits and replace sisal on site.

Clarence's first day enjoying his new Monster scratch 

Monster Scratch

These cat scratchers are the largest in my range standing from 100cm to 250cm tall. Monster scratch will suit large breed kitties that have typically destroyed other brands of scratchers quickly or repetitively pulled them over. 
Monster Scratch are made from solid English Oak and will suit homes that would like a statement piece of Art Deco to stand out. 
A super large cat scratcher to suit breeds such as Savannah's, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest 

Papa Scratch

Measuring from 80cm tall and handmade from solid English Oak or Applewood.

Papa Scratch suits all domestic breeds especially larger cats.

Types of Cat Scratchers


Flat Scratch

These are ideal for moving to different areas around the house when kitty attacks soft furnishings they shouldn’t.

Flat Scratch also works well for cats that enjoy horizontal scratching rather than vertical, elderly or reduced mobility cats.

Fat Scratch

A gigantic circumference cat scratcher approximately 3-4 times fatter than a Mama or Papa sitting lower to the ground.

Handmade from solid English oak ideal for all breeds but especially for kitties that have a tendancy to wear out scratchers fast, homes with more that one cat and cats with mobility issues.

Suitable for all breeds

Mama Scratch

Our adult standard cat scratcher measuring from 60cm to 80cm tall, handmade from solid English Oak or Applewood. 
Mama Scratch suits all domestic breeds, you can't go wrong with this one.

Re-Sisal Service

When kitties have eventually worn through the sisal Sophisticated Scratch offers a convenient re-sisal service so you never have to buy a new scratcher or lazing tree again, prices start at just £3.99 a metre 

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Susan R


Thank you Superb service and amazing trees Bengals love them.

Screenshot 2021-03-03 at 11.03.13.png


We are absolutely delighted with Papa Scratch!

Our Cat fell in love with it as soon as it arrived, and we are so happy to see him climbing the post like he never did with the old one. Amazing Service


Barbara D

Hi D

As promised, here are a few photos of our baby Sekhmet loving her scratcher 😍We have not introduced her to the tree yet but we will this weekend, more pictures to follow!!