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1821 Mount Elbert English Oak Cat Tree

Standing just under 4ft this is a stunning showcase piece that will comfortably accommodate up to 3 cats .
Caramel tones of golden brown in this piece of beautiful handmade solid English oak with a graceful elegant look of sure to impress on any home decor.
No need to buy a seperate scratcher as this piece already has one built in for conveinience and space saving. 
This piece sits slightly elevated on adjustable legs to suit all floor coverings, this is great for uneven flooring to prevent rocking when kitty scratches.
Sheepskin colour choices available are Icelandic black grey, Icelandic Rusty, Rare breed light, Rare breed dark,and Ivory these are all natural shades. Sheepskins are all 100% authentic and washable.
Icelandic longhair black/white, Rare breed light and Ivory shown here in the photos.
Mount Elbert is available with a lazing platform on the top teir or handmade wicker basket. Choose the basket option if you would like the sheepskin to curl around kitties back or if you would kitties to laze on their tree with the ability to flop their legs over the side then choose with out basket option.
Sheepskin colours
  • Rare breed light

  • Rare breed dark

  • Ivory

  • Icelandic rusty

  • Icelandic black/white

Beautiful elegant black resin running through the base giving a gorgeous glass like look. Another statement piece from Sophisticated Scratch. Delivery: 5 - 10 business days


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