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Cats love our trees 😻

Most cats enjoy being in high places. Whether it's a high shelf, a window perch or the top of the refrigerator, your cat may feel more comfortable in the upper half of the room where he can keep an eye on the world around and below him with greater confidence.

Instinct plays a large role in determining this feline habit. Cats are tree-climbing mammals that descended from Proailurus, the first true cat. Early cats were hunters and many of them lived in the rain forests. Their claws enabled them to climb skillfully, escaping into trees for safety or climbing up high to lie in wait for prey. In other words, climbing had survival value and became hard-wired as a way of life for cats.

Our cats climb for safety and just for the fun of it. They will sprint up and down a tree, or your draperies with the same skill their ancestors used in the forest. A cat’s flexible musculoskeletal system gives them exceptional coordination and balance and enables them to jump up high. Strong muscles in the hindquarters and back enable a cat to leap several times his own length, either horizontally or vertically. A cat’s claws are as important to them for anchoring and leverage as grappling irons and crampons are to rock climber.

Handmade from English oak

Our luxury cat trees and cat scratcher products are all natural and designed to bring the outdoors in. This modern cat furniture allows kitties to explore their natural instincts while giving the owner a pleasant piece of natural art to admire. Sophisticated Scratch design large cat trees up to 6ft and are all self supporting. We also design cat trees and scratchers for small spaces.

We are the UKs number one for quality cat trees that enhance the homes decor, so you as the owner has a beautiful bespoke handmade piece of natural art to admire at the same time kitties will love the fact they can climb, snooze, scratch and most importantly feel safe.

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