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Clipping Claws

If a cat's claws are not trimmed on a regular basis, they can curl in on themselves and grow into the foot pad, causing intense pain.

Untrimmed nails can also pose a hazard to people and furniture, both of which can be injured by too-long claws, scratch tree life can double longevity with clipped claws.

Trimming a cat's claws every few weeks is an important part of maintaining your pet's health. ... Nail-trimming is also a fast and effective alternative to declawing, which involves surgical amputation and can cause behavioral and health issues.

A nail-trimming every ten days to two weeks is recommended.

If your cat refuses to let you clip her claws, ask your vet or a groomer for help.

How to properly trim your cat's claws.

  1. Hold your pet against your body;

  2. Take the paw between your thumb and your index finger;

  3. Press slightly on the top of the toe to extend the clawoutward;

  4. Clip the claw a few millimeters, without exceeding the transparent part.

I highly recommend seeking professional help if you have never done this before

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