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Condo Cave Cat Tree

Cats love to get themselves into small spaces like drawers, sinks, under beds and in boxes because those places make them feel warm, safe and secure. ... Curling up in a small space lets cats conserve body heat and hide themselves from potential threats.

Just like Snuggles, Condo cave cat tree is another bespoke line of luxury cat beds Sophisticated Scratch will stock on a continuous basis.

Condo Caves are approximately a 1 metre tall cat tree but only 55cm wide with a built in cat scratcher which makes them extremely appealing if you have limited space.

Handmade from English oak and west country wicker these luxury cat trees are designed to last kitties lifetime and best of all we offer a re-sisal service when the cat scratcher needs it.

Condo Cave offers kitty the safety and protection they seek and also gives the owner a piece of bespoke modern cat furniture that they can aesthetically enjoy.

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Membre inconnu
17 avr. 2021

Beautiful kitty. Loving the condo cave.

Di Gallant
Di Gallant
17 avr. 2021
En réponse à

Thank you

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