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Latest From Sophisticated Scratch 😺

Let's start with this weeks Sophisticated Scratch happy kitties, we all need a bit of cheerful news.

Happy kitties are where we show recent customers enjoying their new purchase.

First we has Phoebe a 16 week old British Shorthair sent in by mum Sharon.

Phoebe has been treated to a Mama Scratch Elite.

The next happy kitty is Cleo sent in by mum Kat. Cleo has been treated to a Papa Scratch and as you can see he's having a good old work out here.

Send your pics in with kitties enjoying their Sophisticated Scratch products and we will feature them on here for you.

Caution kitties can be even more demanding with new found fame 😼

This week I wanted to talk about our wicker baskets.

We have three designs to choose from Deep, Taper and Condo.


Our Deep basket comes in medium or large and can accommodate either 1 or 2 cats. The sheepskin separate's in two to provide summer and winter comfort.


Our Taper basket also comes in medium or large and can accommodate either 1 or 2 cats.

This basket has a higher back to the basket to keep kitties backs warm and sweeps around to a lower front so you can enjoy watching them having those snoozes.

Condo Cave

Our Condo Cave basket also comes in medium or large and can accommodate either 1 or 2 cats.

Condo Cave's work really well for those shy nervous kitties that have a dependency to hide giving them that bit of extra security and reassurance they need.

All these baskets work well for larger breeds like Maine Coon's, Norwegian Forest too, just choose the large option on checkout.

Our baskets set on low oak stalk designs also work really well for small dog breeds like chihuahua's, Pomeranian's and Papillion's.

This Week's New Release

Snuggles English Oak Cat tree ref 12122

Snuggles a luxury cat tree handmade from solid English oak with built in cat scratcher for convenience and a luxury wicker basket bed lined with either authentic sheepskin or puffball.

Snuggles cat trees are bespoke decor enhancing pieces of furniture with their own distinct reference number, robustly designed to last kitties lifetime and one of our most popular choices.

There are many more designs available on the what's available now page of the website.

Until next week folks stay safe love those kitties and let's spare a thought for the people of the Ukraine. We have a fundraiser on our Facebook page if you wish to donate 🇺🇦

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