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So this week I did my first short video for you all, I thought it would be nice for you all to meet me and put a face to Sophisticated Scratch.

I am really excited about my next Mama Scratch Elite that I am currently still working on its an oceanic blue beach theme.

With the world in such turbulence at present It’s taking longer than I anticipated due to product supply issues but I am hopeful for its release before the end of March.

Mama Scratch Elite are handmade cat scratchers with beautiful world themes and if you love contemporary with old for your decor choices this is for you.

I released a planet themed Mama Elite about 3 weeks ago but it did sell extremely quickly so if you didn’t get chance to see it here it is.

On to the latest releases 😻

Fireside Condo English Oak Cat Tree Ref 12022

We have three wicker baskets designs to choose from with this piece, each lined with super soft natural sheepskin or puffballs for kitties comfort, both are washable.

Baskets are available in two sizes, medium basket for one cat or the large basket allows two cats to snuggle together.

The natural crevice has a shimmering white resin with a delicately placed real oak leaf encased and stopped in time forever.

Bickleigh Luxury English Oak Cat Tree Ref 11822 Bickleigh is one of our largest cat tree's with incredible grain patterns and knots thoughout the English oak with colour tones ranging from medium to creamy beige and sure to match with almost any existing decor.

Bickleigh is a picturesque village in the Exe valley on the main road between Exeter and Tiverton about 10 minute drive from us.

It has lovely thatched cottages, a railway museum, gardens, a 14th century bridge, a working water mill, shopping, crafts centre and a couple of great eateries.

I named this piece after this local village because I love having lunch on the river, its so relaxing and well worth a visit if you have never been.

Last but not least 😺

Daisy English Oak Luxury Cat Tree Ref 11922 This gorgeous cat tree is a bespoke handmade design of solid English oak. The decor tone is medium/light oak with black resin running through the natural crevices of the base giving a beautiful elegant look.

Daisy cat tree's are a great design if you are short of room giving kitties a cat scratcher and bed all in one piece.

Sophisticated Scratch are all about enhancing home decor for you and pleasing kitties with functional natural English oak furniture, I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we do creating them.

Until next week folks love those kitties and stay safe.


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