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Cat Trees For Large Breeds:

Here at Sophisticated Scratch we are getting increasing numbers of customers asking the same question..... do you create cat trees for large breeds ! The answer is yes we most certainly do

Buying your first cat tree

One of the previous mistakes we see over and over from our new customers is that they have brought cat trees and scratchers from the high street or online for their newly acquired furry family that are either do not last, to small for the breed, or not pleasing to the eye.

Some of these cat trees will typically serve well for the first 6-12 months but unfortunately as your kitten grows instability issues will start to occur and the cat tree begins to weaken, wobble and fall apart leaving you with an eyesore to look at and frantically searching the internet for a replacement for some disgruntled kitties. Sound Familiar?

What is your cat tree made of ?

High street cat trees and cat scratchers are typically mass produced consisting of cardboard inner tubes, plywood, 5mm sisal, thin carpet and synthetic cushioning.

While some of these options are great for a short term solution and kinder on your purse they typically are not ascetically pleasing and will inevitably leave you with multiple repetitious replacement costs over time costing more in the long run.

If you are lucky enough to own a large breed cat such as a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest or Savannah F1,F2 high street cat furniture put simply is just not strong enough to cope with cats that can reach 12kg and your cat tree or cat scratcher will be destroyed in record time.

But don't worry we have a solution

What are Sophisticated Scratch Cat Trees Made Of ?

Our cat trees are robustly designed to last kitties entire lifetime and yes they do cost more but there's an age old saying 'you get what you pay for", and here's why...

All Sophisticated Scratch cat trees and scratchers are handmade from English oak one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet.

We only use natural quality sisal from Mexico with a starting thickness is 10mm that's double the strength of most high street options which can also be synthetic.

Our dedicated big breed cat scratchers Jaguarundi and Sundra have a massive 12mm thickness.

The all important snoozing areas on Sophisticated Scratch cat trees are lined with 100% authentic sheepskin sourced locally right here in Devon, and yes they are all washable.

Not only have we considered the quality and robustness of our products but we have also created designs that will ascetically enhance and compliment your home decor too.

Final Score

With multiple years of experience and reviews mainly 5 out of 5 stars on google you cant go wrong with Sophisticated Scratch.

We also offer a

  • 2 year guarantee

  • Re-sisal service

  • Free UK delivery

Learn more about us and our products

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