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My cat is urinating on my bed

If you have a change in your schedule or suddenly aren't spending as much time interacting with your cat as you used to, they might urinate on your side of the bed as a way of coping. A common fact at present is those of us that have been on furlough and spent a lot of time with our pets throughout lockdown, now we have returned to work our pets do not understand why they have been left alone therefore are letting you know their discontentment by urinating in places they shouldn’t. Combining their scent with yours might help them feel closer to you in your absence.

Put an article of your clothes in their sleeping areas so they can feel close to you. We use sheepskin as bedding ... One popular theory about lanolin and felines is that cats love the scent and taste of the lanolin in the wool fibers because it reminds them of their mothers, while another is that they're attracted to it because it's an animal byproduct.

I use authentic sheepskin wool on my cat trees to give ultimate comfort and they are all 100% washable and of course they look great too.

Cool in the summer and warm in the winter, sheepskin is great for pets of any age as its fibres breathe to act like a natural thermostat.

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