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I am bringing you 3 beautiful handmade English Oak 🇬🇧 Cat scratchers this week along with Rodney Rats. Rodney is a handmade association toy made from natural product and he’s just lets kitty know that this is their cat furniture to scratch upon. Rodney helps keep kitties away from your treasured soft furnishings

Sophisticated Scratch quality cat trees and cat scratchers are extremely durable making them the most robust hard wearing product on the market today.

More than just a cat scratcher or luxury cat beds these handmade bespoke designs have been created as art decor to enhance your homes and replace the less pleasant designs that dominate the pet market place.


Sophisticated Scratch trees and scratchers do not tire easily and keep thier appeal and luxury looks for years and years just like any other quality English oak product.

Our scratchers starting heights are considerbly larger than store brought ones and come with a two year guarantee.

Only one scratcher created of every design you see making them totally bespoke and unique to you.


THE BEST BIT ....... You only need to buy your scratcher or tree ONCE !

No more repetitive replacment cost and annual trips to the pet shop.

Periodic re-sisal will be necessary as kitty sharpens those talons on a daily basis but dont worry you can do yourself or send it back to Sophisticated Scratch using our re-sisal service and I we will do it for you.

We only use 10-12mm quality Agave sisalana (sisal) thickness which is 4-6mm larger than most other cat scratcher brands making them last much longer so you are already ahead.

We do large cat scratchers for large breed cats such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's, these breeds need a cat scratcher and cat tree of substance to with stand the extra strength and weight they have.


Pamper your fur-baby with their very own Sophisticated Scratch modern cat furniture and and treat yourself to a piece of bespoke art for your home.

Tel 01884 855713

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