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Mark and I have some beautiful pieces to transform your home's with this week and enhance that home decor.

You can't go wrong with English oak it's extremely strong and very enriching for a home and ascetically pleasing on the eye.

Here at Sophisticated Scratch every piece has been handmade with love by either Mark or myself and built to last kitties entire lifetime.

The first release this week is Devon a stunning handmade English oak cat tree that has 2 lazing areas and a helper step that can comfortably accommodate 2-4 kitties for those all important snoozes. This particular oak limb has come from a 100 year old fallen oak tree and has been seasoning with us for around two years, a totally free flowing piece of art (no bolted on limbs) just as nature intended.

This creation from Mark has an incredibly beautiful oak base with incased real leaf in resin giving mesmerising effects.

Next we have a one of my creations a Flat Cat Scratch a generous slab of light solid English oak sitting on adjustable chrome legs finished with natural oils. There is a good amount of hearty 12mm sisal on this piece to keep kitty happy creatively done in the shape of a spiral. I went bold with this one and added a hearty red slice of resin which runs through the natural crevice seamlessly blending with the English oak giving a contemporary modern meets old elegant look for ultimate luxury. Versatile super sturdy Flat Cat Scratch sure to enhance any home decor, you cant go wrong with this one.

Last but not least another one of mine, I have introduced a new design we will continually stock.

Exmoor a beautiful 3 tier handmade English oak cat tree from Sophisticated Scratch with built in cat scratcher and three luxury wicker baskets beds lined with authentic sheepskin. Exmoor cat trees are totally bespoke and will have their own distinct reference number and will accommodate up to 6 kitties, a very versatile piece taking up little room.. The Exmoor wicker baskets have been specially designed to keep your cats back warm whilst still keeping them visible for you to see them enjoying those snoozes.

Hope you like them we certainly enjoy making them.

Until next week love those kitties 🐱

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