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The weather has been glorious here in Devon and our 16 year old siamese Samuel absolutely loves these sunny days.

The wild birds are in full chorus and we even have some new visitors with the arrival of siskin's. Samuel loves watching the birds, thankfully he has no interest in catching them.

Its been a busy time at Sophisticated Scratch and we have 5 new releases for you to enjoy this week.

Don't for get we have our end of spring sale happening right now with up to 40% off selected products so don't miss out.

We offer interest free instalment options for our customers, a great way to ease the cost by spreading it a little. This instalment option is available to you on checkout.

Ive have put a photo of our different cat scratcher range up this week so you can see the difference in the sizes of Monster, Papa and Mama side by side.

Remember these are lifetime lasting cat scratchers for kitties with periodic re-sisal and our re-sisal service starts at just £29.

We use heavy duty natural sisal here at Sophisticated Scratch which lasts on average 12-18 months so you won't need our re-sisal service for a while but it's there when it's needed.

Thats it for this post folks, love and hug those kitties they are special


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