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Two lovely resin Ocelot cat scratchers are the latest additions to the Sophisticated Scratch collection both with heavy duty sisal (12mm)

OCELOT ~ our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 50cm with 10 -12mm sisal, suitable for average size breeds like Siamese and Devon Rex.

Both these cat scratchers are rich in colour one red and the other green and would suit home interiors looking for dark or medium oak tones.

Sophisticated Scratch products are designed to last a cats lifetime with periodic re-sisal while being ascetically pleasing on the eye for you.

We offer a re-sisal service when needed and our products are also natural, sustainable and totally bespoke.

Next week I am hoping to release a beautiful black/grey resin Sundra cat scratcher and captivating litchenberg design Sundra cat scratcher.

Cat Scratcher Guide

OCELOT ~ our standard cat scratcher standing at a minimal 50cm with 10-12mm sisal, suitable for average size breeds.

SUNDRA ~ bigger than our Ocelot with a minimum height of 70cm with 12mm sisal suitable for larger size breeds.

JAGUARUNDI ~ our largest cat scratcher with a minimum height 90cm with 12mm sisal, suitable for large breeds like Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest.

PALLAS ~ a larger circumference scratcher sitting lower to the ground with 12mm sisal suitable for all breeds, especially cats that are elderly or have mobility issues.

PANTANAL ~ a versatile scratcher with 10mm sisal that is easily moved to different areas of the house. Suitable for all breeds.

Spread the cost with our interest free payment options available on checkout.

All Sophisticated Scratch products are guaranteed 🐈‍⬛

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