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This weeks blog theme is about keeping your cats warm this winter.

For cats, it's hardwired in their minds to seek out warmth for survival. So, essentially, that warmth provides them with the sense of security they so deeply crave.

With the cold weather around the corner and the rising energy costs we don't want our precious pets getting to cold this winter but equally can not justify keeping the heating higher while we go to work ect.

For a really simple more economic solution, boil a little extra water in your kettle and fill a hot water bottle. Wrap the hot water bottle in a cover and place underneath the cats bedding.

This will keep your furry friend very comfortable for a good 8 hours or more.

Ideally if you have an enclosed cave bed with sheepskin like Lord Samuel (see below) it will stay warm for a good 12 hours.

Samuel is 16 years old and has arthritis.

Arthritic and elderly cats can suffer in cold weather as it severely affects their joints. Offer plenty of warm places for your cat to sleep in, as well as making sure they are easily accessible.

Our naturally sustainable wicker baskets are available to buy complete with sheepskin and wool wash.

A gorgeous black and grey marbled Ocelot English oak scratcher with heavy duty 12mm sisal. Our English oak bespoke cat scratchers will last for kitties entire lifetime and Sophisticated Scratch sisal lasts up to three times longer than high street scratchers, we also offer a re-sisal service when needed.

Sophisticated Scratch products are designed to compliment home decor 😻

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