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This weeks News

We had some very pampered pets this week here at Sophisticated Scratch including a pooch called Pearl. We have Merlin (centre) enjoying his Snuggles cat tree and Elvis (far right) enjoying his Montgomery cat tree.

New pieces added to the collection this week

  • Exmoor Cat Tree (3 cat)

  • Daisy Cat Tree (2-3 cats)

You can read more about them here

I will be creating more of the Montgomery & Snuggles cat trees in the next few weeks so look out for them, they are proving very popular at the moment.

Lots more of my creativity coming up too including two lovely Walnut & English Oak Papa Cat scratchers. If you like the darker wood the these will be for you 😻 I shall be releasing them next week.

All the best folks

Love to all those fur babies and the people that love them as much as I do

🐈 Di x

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