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This Weeks News !

Mark and myself have been really busy catching up with creations for you after a busy period and we have seven new releases for you this week.

Sophisticated Scratch products are designed to last kitties lifetime and we offer a re-sisal service too šŸ˜»

Monster Scratch Ref 7421

These cat scratchers are a massive English Oak statement piece and are the largest in our range standing from 100cm to 250cm tall.

Monster scratch will suit large breed kitties that have typically destroyed other brands of scratchers quickly or repetitively pulled them over.

Monster Scratch are made from solid English Oak and will suit homes that would like a statement piece of Art Deco to stand out.

A super large cat scratcher to suit breeds such as Savannah's, Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest

Papa Cat Scratchers Ref 7221, 7521 Measuring from 80cm tall and handmade from solid English Oak.

Papa Scratch suits all domestic breeds especially larger cats.

Mama Cat Scratchers Ref 7821, 7721

Our adult standard cat scratcher measuring from 60cm to 80cm tall, handmade from solid English Oak.

Mama Scratch suits all domestic breeds, you can't go wrong with this one.

Snuggles Cat Tree for 2 Ref 7621

Snuggles handmade quality cat trees are a single stalk luxury cat bed, made from solid English oak, Somerset wicker basket and real sheepskin or puffball bed choices

Snuggles can accommodate 2 average size breeds so they can sleep together or one large breed such as a Maine Coon.

This is a bespoke piece of modern day cat furniture that Sophisticated Scratch will continue to keep in stock.

Fat Cat Scratcher Ref 6921

A gigantic circumference cat scratcher approximately 3-4 times fatter than a Mama or Papa sitting lower to the ground.

Handmade from solid English oak ideal for all breeds but especially for kitties that have a tendancy to wear out scratchers fast, homes with more that one cat and cats with mobility issues.

Suitable for all breeds

More creations coming next week šŸ˜ø

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