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This weeks News !

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

As most of you know I really enjoy working with resins and this week I came up with a new design of Flat Cat Scratch.

I love the way you can bring the rustic oak and resins together a sort of old meets new contemporary concept.

I have lots of new creations all handmade from English oak released this week 6 in total and here they all are ......

From left to right Mama Cat Scratchers 8521 & 8421, Fat Cat Scratchers 8321 & 8021, Flat Cat Scratchers 8121 & 8221 and you can find them all on the buy it now now page

I have a beautiful lazing tree being released next week with a choice of handmade wicker basket options. This beautiful piece will be able to accommodate up to 6 lucky kitties and has a wide spread but able to sit snug to the wall taking up little depth so keep watching for its release👀

Until next week folks love those kitties Di

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