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This Weeks News ! 😻

Our first release this week is Brixham English oak cat tree Ref 9521. Brixham cat tree has incredible grain patterns thoughout the English oak with colours ranging from deep chocolate to milky caramel and sure to match with almost any existing decor.

You have two wicker basket size choices with this piece, either a one cat or two cat basket. Brixham comes with a choice of natural sheepskin colours or if you prefer a puffball. With a built in cat scratcher for convenience Brixham takes up little space but offers a lot in return. A gorgeous bespoke handmade piece of English oak that will make a big impression for both functionality and aesthetically.

I also have another release this week for you a beautiful English oak Papa cat scratcher ref 9621

This Papa cat scratcher is a stunning handmade piece with heavy duty sisal and a cute Rodney rat handmade from sheepskin.

Sophisticated Scratch natural cat scratchers last for kitties lifetime and we offer a re-sisal service when needed. Using our re-sisal service stops cat scratchers being thrown into landfIll just because the sisal has worn out.

With aesthetically great looks and functionality you can’t go wrong with Sophisticated Scratch.

More handmade releases next week folks including a gorgeous Applewood multi cat tree. Love those kitties and stay safe

Mark & Di

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