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This Weeks News 🐈

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Sophisticated Scratch introduced Fireside Condo's to the collection recently and I am happy to show you some lucky kitties that have been spoilt with their new palace.

Fireside Condo's are an English Oak stalk and base with an enclosed wicker cat bed available in two sizes and they come with authentic sheepskin or puffball liners all washable.

Below you can see Tiberus, Spartacus and Aurelius from the Isle of Wight enjoying their new Fireside Condo.

This weeks new release Monster Scratch with Rodney Rat ref 11122

This is a gorgeous darker tone large breed English oak cat scratcher sure to impress on any home decor.

This piece stands just under 4ft high with heavy duty 12mm thick sisal and I had large cats in mind when I created this one for you.

Below you can see Samuel Scampers and myself standing beside this piece because I wanted to give you some prospective of how large this Monster Scratch really is.

Monster Scratch are the tallest cat scratchers in the Sophisticated Scratch range and are 100cm minimal height, they suit kitties that have typically destroyed other scratcher brands quickly or have pulled them over. This is one for our lions and tigers 😺

Next releases 👀

  1. Large three tier cat tree ref 11322 yet to be named this piece will have three large wicker basket beds and a scratcher.

  2. Fireside Condo for 2 ref 11222

Don't forget we do finance interest free for those of you that would like to spread the cost a bit.

New releases happen almost every week as a general rule and you can sign up to our app on the website if you would like to get the latest news first and keep up to date on what's going on here at Sophisticated Scratch

Until next week folks love those kitties 😽Di

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