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This Weeks News 😸

We have now introduced otter brown into our sheepskin range giving a total of 6 natural colours to choose from.

Sophisticated Scratch teamed up with Lambland based in Ilfracombe Devon in 2017 to supply our sheepskins.

Lambland were established in 1961 and has steadily grown over the last few decades into one of the larger retailers of sheepskin and leather goods.

Our genuine British sheepskins offer a luxuriously soft silky wool pile that offers both comfort and warmth for a well loved pet and come ready to be attached to any Sophisticated Scratch cat tree and complement the home decor at the same time.

You can change sheepskin colours for your tree anytime we always have them in stock.

Our sheepskins are washable with our specially formulated Woolskin shampoo.

Woolskin shampoo gently cleans and conditions without the harmful chemicals found in most household detergents. 🐑

Cats find sheepskin extremely relaxing that's why we use it as our bedding on Sophisticated Scratch cat trees. ​ Sheepskin contains lanolin and kitties love the odour it gives off 😸. One popular theory about lanolin and felines is that cats love the scent and taste of the lanolin in the wool fibers because it reminds them of their mothers. The lanolin in the wool also acts as a natural moisturiser, keeping your pets coat glossy, and it also deters bacterial growth and other irritants (like bugs) it is often used as key ingredient in flea/tick control sprays. Tip you can also sheepskin give a quick brush and they will keep looking like new for years.

This Weeks New Release 😼

Planet Mama Scratch ref 11422

This is a where contemporary meets history old meets new, while the base and stalk are still very much aged solid English oak, I have resined the base surface to resemble our beautiful planet.

I absolutely love working with resins watching the colours merge creating mesmerising effects.

Resin is a very time consuming process, a piece such as Planet Mama Scratch taking 5 weeks to create.

There are many layers to the resin which creates the illusion of depth with amazing 3d effect, its makes you feel like you can reach into the depth and grab.

If you are looking to have a statement piece of bespoke art that also serves as a cat scratcher for kitties this one is for you.

These cat scratchers will last kitties entire lifetime and come with a 2 year guarantee. Periodically the sisal will wear with kitties pulling on it daily and need replacement, you can either replace the sisal yourself or use our Re-Sisal Service and we will do it for you.

Resin is extremely durable it can not harm kitties and kitties can not harm it.

Planet Mama Scratch ref 11422 has gorgeous ageing cracks and grain with a real oak leaf embedded in the top of the stalk encased forever and stopped in time.

I would class this piece as Medium oak in tone.

Thats it for this week folks stay safe with all these adverse weather conditions, Keep those kitties safe and if in doubt don't let them out 😸


Sophisticated Scratch is a small bespoke business based in The West Country of rural Devon established in 2017 by Di & Mark Gallant cat loving artisans that create handmade reusable natural cat trees and cat scratchers with English oak.

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