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This Weeks News 😺

Most of you know I love working with resins and this last week was no exception.

I started working with various colours so there is something for everyone's interior design taste.

Released this morning Ocelot cat scratcher ref 02022

A gorgeous piece with mesmerising green marbled effect embraced with English oak.

Lots of 12mm sisal with durable strength to last the most vigorous of scratchers.

This piece will appeal to home owners where interior design is paramount

I am currently working on another Ocelot cat scratcher with red resin and a Sundra cat scratcher in marbled black and grey.

I am hoping to release these over the next couple of weeks so keep watching.

The prolonged warm dry weather over most of the UK this summer increases the likelihood of "summer branch drop" (SBD) from mature oak trees.

Mark and myself have been very busy collecting these dropped limbs and placing them in our seasoning shed where they will remain for 2 -3 years.

Lord Samuel Scampers has been embracing the heat waves and has spent most of his time lounging around the place with an occasional workshop visit which always makes my day.

All Sophisticated Scratch products can be brought direct from our website which is the most affordable way, we are also on Etsy, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend relaxing with kitties, until next time

Di & Mark

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