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This weeks news

Let's start by giving a warm welcome to the new Sophisticated Scratch happy kitties this week that are enjoying their new palaces.

We have Mishka & Tilly From Stockport and we have Georgie from London "welcome guys"😺

Georgie unfortunately has a missing brother presently from the NW6 8QW area of London so if we can help reunite with him that would be fantastic, details on poster below.

New Creations this week I have two Daisy cat trees to offer you all.

Daisy is a cat tree that is rather popular at the moment as it gives a lot but takes up little space.

The concept of Daisy is a handmade one platform lazing area with a choice of beds and a cat scratcher all built in to a beautiful bespoke piece of furniture that looks great in the home.

Daisy cat tree will come with Rodney the Rat toy for their amusement, Rodney is handmade from sheepskin and sisal.

Coming next week I have a gorgeous handmade English oak cat tree with 3 lazing platforms for kitties so keep an eye out for that one 👀

That's all for now folks, look after those kitties and each other

Di 😻

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