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This Weeks News

Due to the current situation of driver shortage in the UK we will be offering free personal delivery where possible.

Delivery time will be 2-4 Weeks.

Okay folks the weekend is here and that means new releases 😻

This week from sophisticated scratch we offer ……

Ref 6521 Mama Scratch

This one is real good value it borders being a Papa Scratch but I’m letting it go for Mama Scratch prices.

It’s a lot of scratcher for the money with its huge circumference.

A beautiful chunky solid English oak cat scratcher from our Mama scratch range with amazing colouring throughout lots of detail.

A handmade English oak cat scratcher in medium caramel tones with a very chic black resin river with English oak embedded in the base giving very classy look. Learn more…

Daisy Cat Tree Ref 6721

A Beautiful solid handmade English Oak cat tree with a handwoven open wicker basket from the Somerset Levels from one of the oldest withie growers in the UK.

Daisy cat tree is for one kitty of domestic breed size to enjoy everyone bespoke same concept.

The wicker basket has a lowered lip at the front for easy access and a higher back to them snug. Learn more …

Papa Scratch with Rodney Rat Ref 6621

A beautiful handmade chunky bespoke English Oak cat scratcher with lots of character, robustly designed to last kitties entire lifetime.

Medium chocolate and beige tones running through the oak with gorgeous aged crevices and grains that are sure to impress on any home decor. Learn more …

Personal delivery service on the 29th of September for postcodes London down to the south-west.

We have decided to take this upon ourselves because of the current situation with poor service from courier companies at present due to lack of drivers. Plus we get to meet your kitties 🐈‍⬛ 😻😃

Any orders between now and then will benefit from this service.

Good news this week Sophisticated Scratch has helped to find some missing kitties and bring them back home.

If your kitty is missing let me know and I’ll post it on our page and it will go out to the whole of the UK 😹🏡

That’s all for now folks look out for my post this time next week in the meantime enjoy your weekend and give kitties a hug from us. 😻

Tel 01884 855713

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