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This Weeks News 😻

At this time of the year, it is not uncommon for large branches to suddenly drop from oak trees without warning which means the chainsaw is running steadily for Sophisticated Scratch collecting what nature provides.

Its back breaking work for Mark and myself and we call it our fitness workout as we are not gym fans but it is lovely being out in the countryside taking in the beautiful fresh air and where we absorb our passion for what do.

Scientists and arborists point to several possible causes for sudden limb drop.

Drought stress can cause an increase in ethylene concentration, which combined with reduced evapotranspiration weakens a limb. Another possible cause are injuries to the tree, specifically at the fork of the branch, during winter and I suspect this is the case here with this oak tree.

More News ..... As you all know Mark and myself are a husband and wife artisan's that create natural cat trees and cat scratchers from English oak. Every creation is handmade and bespoke very precious and irreplaceable.

Recently we have been disappointed with the courier services available to us with pieces arriving damaged or not at all which is hugely upsetting for all. For this reason Mark and myself will be hand delivering your cat trees and scratchers in England where possible.

We will be coming your way once a month and there is no extra charge for this service, you will still be given the choice of courier service if you do not wish to wait.

And Finally....... This weeks new releases

Flat Cat Scratch ref 7021

This beautiful bespoke piece is of medium/dark tone with lovely grains with a good amount of sisal on this piece to keep kitty happy, creatively done in the shape of three spirals.

Flat cat scratchers sit low to the ground and are ideal for moving to different areas around the house when kitty attacks soft furnishings they shouldn’t. Flat Scratch also works well for cats that enjoy horizontal scratching rather than vertical, elderly or reduced mobility cats.

Fat cat Scratch ref 6921
This particular Fat Cat scratcher has a gorgeous lage knot to the front and beautiful aged cracks and crevices in a med rusty English oak shade. Elegant clear resin window with embedded oak peices in the base with mesmerising effect, an absolutely stunning bespoke piece from Sophisticated Scratch sure to compliment your home decor.
Fat Cat scratch - A gigantic circumference bespoke cat scratcher approximately 3-4 times fatter than a Mama or Papa cat scratchers sitting lower to the ground. Handmade from solid English oak ideal for all breeds but especially for kitties that have a tendancy to wear out cat scratchers fast, homes with more that one cat and cats with mobility issues.

Thats all for now folks, love your kitties shower them with hugs and kisses

Mark & Di


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