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This Weeks News from Sophisticated Scratch 😻

I would like to start this weeks blog with some happy kitties enjoying their new Daisy cat tree.

Daisy cat tree bed will accommodate one kitty comfortably and has a built in cat scratcher for convenience and space saving.

Daisy cat tree is handmade from English oak, bespoke and comes with Rodney the rat he is also handmade from natural sheepskin. I try to keep Daisy cat trees in my for sell collection all the time as they are quite popular.

Here we have Lina, Cleo and Poppy from Middymaines Maine Coons, Derbyshire.

MiddyMaines has a facebook page check it out to see more beautiful Maine Coons on display.

This weeks new release is a Mama cat scratcher ref 9721 with a beautiful blue resin ocean theme in the base. I love this piece its very bespoke and really catches the eye.

I have been working with resins for a while now and recently I have been putting a little oak leaf in the base of my pieces, I think this adds a touch of unique elegance to the English oak.

I have a few new pieces being released next week including two size options of Fireside Condo Cave for one or two kitties a Papa cat scratcher and a quirky unique cat tree so keep watching for those 👀

Until next week folks enjoy your christmas shopping and love those kitties 😺

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