A beautiful chunky cat scratcher from our Mama scratch range with amazing colouring throughout lots of detail.

Medium caramel tones with a beautiful knot on the stalk with a sweeping curve top Two very chic black resin rivers in base giving very classy look.


The base also has adjustable legs which is very useful if you have an even floors as it prevents rocking when kitty scratches on the tree.


This Mama Scratch has heavy duty 12mm sisal lasting up to three times longer than other brands. This scratcher as all Sophisticated Scratch products will last kitties lifetime, periodic re-sisal may be necessary just use our re-sisal service when worn through.


Mama Scratch

Our adult standard scratcher measuring from 60cm tall, handmade from solid English Oak or Applewood. 
Mama Scratch suits all domestic breeds 

1221 Mama Scratch

    • Height 77cm
    • Base 42x46x7.5cm
    • Sisal 45x42cm
    • Sisal Thickness 12mm

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