Ref 1521 Mont Blanc


This stunning handmade piece has been specially created with large breeds in mind. 

The oversized lazing platforms and the large trunk of Mont Blanc can easily accommodate breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's. Mont Blanc has been specially designed to accommodate for the larger weight and sheer size of these cats providing maximum stability that these particular breeds need.


The first lazing platform stands at 66cm the second at 130cm and lazing platform three stands at 130cm high the measurements are taken from the ground up.


Lazing platforms two and three have a hidden art, underneath the sheepskins you will find oak pieces set in epoxy resin which can be visible from underneath if your sitting in a chair next to this tree for example, attention to detail has not been spared.

This oak limb has come from a 100 year old fallen oak tree and has been seasoning for around five years.

The grain and knots on show on this particular piece are incredible and will do any home justice although a good size space is needed to showcase this masterpiece.

I would class the colour tone as medium Georgian oak and if you wish I can add sisal to the trunk and there is no charge for this option.

There are five natural colours of authentic sheepskin bed toppers available for Mont Blanc all 100% washable. Toppers are removeble and I always have them in stock if you so wish to change colours at a later date you can.

Mont Blanc is a beautiful exquisite piece of English oak that will last a lifetime for kitties and compliment your home giving much pleasure to all.


This piece will come with personal delivery inclusive within the UK.

1521 Mont Blanc

  • Overall height 158cm (5.18ft)

    Width 130cm (4.27ft)

    Depth 90cm (2.95ft)

    Lazing platform height from the ground

    1. 66cm
    2. 130cm
    3. 160cm

    Lazing platform size

    1. 44x39cm
    2. 64x44cm
    3. 64x43cm

    Sheepskin natural colours available

    • Rare breed light
    • Rare breed dark
    • Ivory
    • Icelandic long hair black/white
    • Icelandic long hair rusty


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