This stunning handmade bespoke English oak piece has been created with large breeds in mind but can also accommodate average size domestic breeds. 


The oversized lazing platform and the large trunk of Himalayas can easily accommodate breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's. Himalayas has been specially designed to accommodate for the larger weight and sheer size of these cats providing maximum stability that these particular breeds need.



The helper step stands at 41cm the lazing platform at 74cm and the handmade wicker basket 112cm, the measurements are taken from the ground up.


Sleeping Areas

The lazing platform is a large size and will accommodate a large breed such as a Maine Coon or two average domestic size breed kitties 52x51cm.

The open wicker basket will sleep the same as above and measures 52x52cm and the condo cave option measures 43x43cm and will sleep a average size domestic breed.

Please note the Condo cave sleeping area is slightly smaller so bare this in mind if you are choosing Himalayas for large breed as the open basket would be the better option if kitty is sizeable.


The base, helper step and lazing platform have beautiful marbling of black and deep red resins, attention to detail has not been spared.

The helper step provides kitties with access to sleeping areas without having to jump to high a real asset to cats with limited mobility.


This oak limb has come from a 100 year old fallen oak tree and has been seasoning for around five years.

The grain and knots on show on this particular piece are incredible and will do any home justice a showcase this masterpiece.

I would class the colour as lighter oak with honey tones.


No need to buy a seperate scratcher this piece has one all built in and is of a good size. The sisal on Sophistcated Scratch large breed tree is 12mm in thickness twice a thick as some high street options so it will last kitties a lot longer before re-sisal is needed.

Re-sisal available for this piece when kitties have eventually worn through.




There are five natural colours of authentic sheepskin bed toppers available for Himalayas all removable and 100% washable with our wool wash. Sheepskin toppers are always in stock if you so wish to change colours at a later date you can.


Himalayas is a beautiful exquisite piece of English oak that will last a lifetime for kitties and compliment your home giving much pleasure to all.


This piece will come with personal delivery inclusive within the UK.


Please enter bed code and sheepskin choice on checkout !

1621A Open basket no platform sheepskins (basket comes with sheepskin)

1621B Open basket full sheepskins

1621C Condo Cave no platform sheepskins (cave comes with sheepskin)

1621D Condo Cave full sheepskins

1621E All platforms full sheepskins


1621 Himalayas big breed Cat Tree


    • Overal height without basket 112cm
    • Overall width 98cm
    • Overall Depth 80cm
    • Open wicker basket option 52x52x 10cm L/W/H
    • Condo Cave wicker option 43x43x40cm L/W/H
    • Lazing platform area 52x51cm
    • Helper Step area 29x27cm

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