A Stunning English oak three  platform cat tree complete with scratcher that will easily  accommodate minimal three kitties.


The solid oak base has slices of jet black resin that shines like glass giving a rich elegant feel and comes complete with a good size built in scratcher with 12mm heavy duty sisal for kitties to sharpen up those talons on.


The top platform has a beautiful handmade wicker bed lined with authentic sheepskin and the two lower lazing platforms have also been luxuriously finished in authentic quality sheepskins all which are 100% washable with our woolwash and available in five natural shades.

Sheepskin Shades shown here are Ivory and rare breed dark I also have black/white Icelandic, rusty icelandic and rare breed light. Icelandic Sheepskins come in long hair rare breeds come in short hair choices.


The base has adjustable legs which is really helpful for uneven floors it also prevents rocking when kitty scratches on the sisal.

This is a very classy piece of art deco that will stand out in your home for many years to come never dating.


Re-sisal service available when kitty eventually wears through


Delivery: 5 - 10 business days


This piece is available with a lazing platform on the top teir instead of a basket if you so wish




1721 Andes English Oak Cat Tree

    • Height 139cm
    • Width 80cm
    • Depth 70cm
    • Sisal Area 48x34cm
    • Base 53x48x10cm
    • Wicker Basket 55x55x14cm

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