2020 Karakoram Multi Cat Tree


This beautiful rare solid oak large cat tree stands nearly 7ft high is from a 100 year old fallen English oak. A stunning natural statement piece of art that will enhance the home aesthetically for you while serving as a functional modern piece of cat furniture for kitties.


There are 5 luxury cat beds on the lazing platforms of various heights for kitties to choose from, with plenty of room on each that will accommodate up to nine cats in total on its limbs.

Sophisticated Scratch are quality cat trees and cat scratchers designed to last kities entire lifetime and eliminate the need for replacement repetitious buying.


Karakoram comes with a choice of five natural authentic sheepskin shades all fully removable and washable with our specially formulated woolwash.

Best of all we sell the sheepskins separately too so if you fancy a colour change later on you can.

You can also have puffballs as a choice of luxury cat beds on Karakoram or a combination of sheepskin and puffballs the choice is yours.



  • Rare breed light
  • Rare breed dark
  • Ivory
  • Icelandic longhair black/white
  • Icelandic longhair rusty


Karakoram is one of our tall cat trees with gorgeous caramels tones from light to dark with various darker swirls and knots throughout the whole piece.

This is Natural free flowing self supporting luxury cat tree (no bolted on limbs) that are extremely rare to find in tact. 


Natural Sisal

Natural sisal is so very robust and we use a minimal of 10mm thickness lasting up to 3-4 times longer than high street scratchers for comparison and sisal can be added to Karakoram at no extra cost, just give us a call to discuss where you would like placement.

Sisal can be replaced when eventually needed so no need to ever buy a scratcher again, the English oak tree lasts for kitties whole life.

Simply book a date with us when our re-sisal service is needed, home visit prices start from just £89


Free flowing means no bolted on limbs Self Supporting means theres no need for anchor points to be drilled into the wall or floor for stability.

Karakoram will be personally delivered ready for use no assembly required.


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2020 Karakoram Cat Tree

  • Height 200cm

    Width 140cm

    Depth 78cm

    Base 60x56x16cm

    Weight 72.1kg

    Platform size and height from ground

    1. 89cm 55x45x5cm
    2. 126cm 53x52x5cm
    3. 168cm 30x32x5
    4. 172cm 50x48x5cm
    5. 197cm 47x48x5cm

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