2521 Rio Grande


Rio Grande is one of our most beautiful lazing tall cat trees standing just shy of  4.2ft this is a gorgeous handmade bespoke piece that will accommodate up to 4 cats depending on breed and size.


A multitude of knots and grain patterns naturally adorn this statement lazing tree making it a beautiful piece of modern cat furniture.

Colour tones of rich caramel shades throughout and sure to impress on any home decor.


No need to buy a separate scratch products as this piece has a two large cat scratcher areas all built in, great convenience for kitty also ideal if your short of room.

The cat scratcher areas are a substantial size and strengh with 12mm thickness used, most high street scratchers use 6mm to give you a comparison 

Natural Sisal

Natural sisal is so very robust and we use a minimal of 10mm thickness lasting up to 3-4 times longer than high street scratchers for comparison, Rio Grande has two sisal areas of 12mm thickness.

The best bit 😻Sophisticated Scratch Sisal can be replaced when eventually needed so no need to ever buy the scratcher again, the English oak tree lasts for kitties whole life.

Simply book a date with us when our re-sisal service is needed, home visit prices start from just £89


Rio Grande luxury cat tree sits slightly elevated on adjustable legs to suit all floor coverings .

Adjustable legs work well if you have uneven flooring as it prevents rocking especially when kitty scratches upon it and adds to stability.


There are two luxury cat beds on Rio Grande lined with super soft natural sheepskins for kitties comfort and also to compliment your home decor.


Sheepskin colour choices available are :-

  • Icelandic black grey
  • Icelandic Rusty,
  • Rare breed light
  • Rare breed dark,
  • Ivory

Sheepskins are all 100% authentic, removable and washable with our woolwash.

Ivory and Rare breed dark sheepskins has been shown here.

You also have the choice of puffball beds on Rio Grande or a mix of both sheepskin and puffball the choice is yours.


Beautiful elegant black resin, knots and knarls running through the base enriches this piece giving this large cat tree a gorgeous chic look.


Another statement piece from Sophisticated Scratch. 


Rio Grande comes with free UK shipping, No assembly required


2521 Rio Grande

  • Height 128cm

    Width 95cm

    Depth 56cm

    Sisal 31x27cm and 28x39cm

    Step Height 45cm

    Platform 1 height from ground 82cm

    Platform 2 height from ground 128cm

    Platform 1 area size 58x41cm

    Platform 2 area size 49x47cm

    Base 55x55x9cm

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