4320 Denali


A beautiful 3 tier large platform cat tree for up to 6 cats made from solid English oak. This piece will comfortably accommodate 3 very large or 6 kitties of average domestic breed size.


Denali stands over 6ft tall so kitties will be on top of the world with this classy piece. Gorgeous caramel tones ranging from light to medium oak with various knots and a beautiful slice of glass glass resin running through the base.


No need to invest in scratch posts this piece comes with two sisal areas for talon scratching and can be replaced when worn 😻 We use quality 10mm sisal which is up to twice the thickness of many other scratchers on the market today.


Denali is available in 5 natural sheepskin shades or doughnut beds if you prefer (see sheepkin range page) sheepskin pictured are Rare breed light and Icelandic, all sheepskins & beds are 100% washable.


Denali surprisingly takes up very little room but has a lot to offer and is designed to last your cats lifetime and beyond. Taken from a fallen Oak approximately 100 years old


Delivery: 3 - 5 business days


Additional info

Height 183cm (6ft) Spread 102cm (3.35ft) Sisal 42x31cm and 35x35cm Base 57x51x9cm with adjustable legs

2820 Denali


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