3020 Cameo


A beautiful four platform cat tree made from solid English Applewood sitting on a solid English Oak base with adjustable legs.


Gorgeous medium caramel tones with multiple knots and knarls this beautiful piece can sleep up to 6 kitties.


Sadly, fruit trees reach the end of their useful lives after 30-50 years depending on variety. Replacement of the apple tree is the best option for the orchard owner and old trees usally end up as firewood. Sophisticated Scratch has teamed up with Charlton Orchards in Somerset giving old apple trees a new purpose after they stop producing fruit.


Cameo is approximately 40 years old and had stopped producing fruit and was part of a replacment programme. Apple trees yield wood that is hard and heavy as well as attractive and can be finished to a beautiful luster, its a very attractive wood that is similar to cherry.

Applewood grows in a twisted fashion, which makes its grains uneven and therefore very rich and pleasing to look at. It is most often fund as ornate handles, cabinet doors, and dishware as it is a dense wood that resists wear.

The price of apple wood is more expensive than other domestic wood varieties making it a less popular choice for full-on construction jobs but more desirable for those looking for quality and class.


This piece is available in multiple natural colours of sheepskin or doughnut beds if you prefer. All beds are 100% washable.


Delivery: 3 - 5 business days


Additional info

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days Additional info Approximate measurements Height cm 144cm (4.72ft) Width 110 cm (3.61ft) Depth 81 cm (2.66ft) Base cm 49x50x12cm) PLATFORM HEIGHTS Platform 1 79cm (2.59ft) Platform 2 123cm (4.04ft) Platform 3 134cm (4.4ft) Platform 4 144cm (4.72ft)

3020 Cameo Cat Tree


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