A beautiful chunky bespoke English Oak & Walnut Papa cat scratcher with lots of character, robustly designed to last kitties entire lifetime.

Dark chocolate and beige tones running through the oak and walnut with gorgeous aged crevices and knots that are sure to impress on any home decor.


This handmade piece has a convenient notch to hang future cat toys off and comes with a Sophisticated Scratch Rodney Rat toy inclusive.

Rodney Rat is handmade from natural sheepskin and sisal, he is an association toy that lets kitty know this is thier scratching furniture.


Two areas of hearty 12mm sisal on this piece to keep kitty happy for a long time, high street scratchers typically only have 6mm to give you a comparison and we also offer a re-sisal service when needed in the future so you can keep your beautiful piece of walnut & oak forever.


There is a beautiful large knot in between the sisal areas and also at the top that gives this piece elegance and character.


The base measurements are 52x46x7cm with a contemporary old meets new design of black resin running through embedded oak slices.


The base has adjustable chrome legs which works really well for any flooring especially uneven flooring.

This Papa stands at a generous 91cm tall and is designed to last kitties lifetime with periodic re-sisal, interior use only.


Sophisticated Scratch when only the best will do 😻

4021 Papa Cat Scratcher

    • Height 91cm
    • Base 52x46x7cm
    • Sisal Top 32x40cm Bottom 31x39cm
    • Rodney Rat association toy
    • Re-Sisal Service Available