Standing just over 3ft high this is a stunning English oak showcase piece that will comfortably accommodate one kitty with ultimate comfort.

Bodmin cat tree has a handmade wicker basket with withies grown on the Somerset Levels from one of the oldest surviving withy growers in the UK.

A helper step gives kitty easy access to the basket, basket also has a lowered lip for easy entry.


Caramel tones of golden brown run through the grain of this piece with two beautiful knots on the stalk giving a very graceful elegant look of sure to impress on any home decor.

Beautiful  black resin running through crevices in the base giving a gorgeous glass like look.

A large knot is also present on the English oak base.


No need to buy a seperate scratcher as this piece already has one built in for conveinience and space saving. 

Sophisticated Scratch use much thicker sisal on our cat trees than what you commonly see elsewhere which means they last much longer up to 5 times in fact.

Sophisticated Scratch also offers a re-sisal service when needed so you can just replace the worn sisal and not the tree saving you money in the long run.

The tree has been designed to last kitties lifetime.


This piece sits slightly elevated on adjustable legs to suit all floor coverings, this is great for uneven flooring to prevent rocking when kitty scratches on their tree.


Rodney Rat is a natural handmade association toy made from sheepskin and sisal. Rodney lets kitty know that this is their furniture to play and snooze on.

Sophisticated Scratch will include a Rodney Rat to match the colour of bed you have chosen.


Sheepskin colour choices are listed below these are all natural shades. Sheepskins are all 100% authentic and washable.

Icelandic longhair black/white, Rare breed light, puffballs and doughnut beds are shown in photos to give you an idea of the multiple looks you can achieve with the same cat tree.

All puffballs and douughnut beds are washable.


Sheepskin colours

  • Rare breed light
  • Rare breed dark
  • Ivory
  • Icelandic rusty
  • Icelandic black/white


Puffball and Doughnuts

  • Charcoal puffball
  • Light beige puff ball
  • Coffee puffball
  • Black/Grey doughnut


Another statement piece from Sophisticated Scratch.

Delivery: 5 - 10 business days



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