A beautiful English Oak handmade Papa Scratch with lots of character.

Medium honey and beige tones with gorgeous aged grains throughout.


This handmade piece has a convenient area to hang future cat toys off and comes with a Sophisticated Scratch Rodney Rat toy inclusive.

Rodney Rat is handmade from natural sheepskin and sisal, he is an association toy that lets kitty know this is thier scratching furniture.


Lots of hearty 12mm sisal on this piece to keep kitty busy, most high street options use 6mm for comparison 


The base measurements are 48x47x7cm with a elegant slice of white and black resin running through it which has a gentle shimmer to it.

The base has adjustable legs which works really well for uneven flooring.

This Papa stands at a generous 98cm tall

Papa Scratch Ref 5721

    • Height 98cm
    • Base 48x47x7cm
    • Sisal area 63x39cm
    • Sisal Thickness 12mm
    • Rodney Rat