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Cat Scratcher 5924, crafted from solid English oak with a rich medium oak tone that will complement any decor.

The 12mm sisal is expertly woven and separated by a natural oak knot, providing the perfect surface for your cat to scratch and stretch.

This beautiful scratcher features a natural sweep to the right, giving it a unique and elegant look. Plus, the adjustable legs make it suitable for all types of flooring, ensuring it can be placed anywhere in your home.

Give your feline friend a stylish and durable scratching post with the 5924 Cat Scratcher.

Cat Scratcher 5924

    • Height 71cm
    • Base 36x30x5cm
    • 12mm sisal
    • Adjustable Legs
    • Weight 8.2kg
    • Re-sisal Service Available (optional)
    • Shipping Included
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