6121 Clovelly Cat Tree


A stunning handmade solid oak piece weighing 27kg taken from a wind fall tree approximately 80 years old in the Devon countryside.

Standing just under 2ft tall with a gorgeous knotty base, large oak stalk and a generous sized sleeping area.

The grain in this piece of oak is simply stunning and colours range from warm honey tones to lighter beige.


You have a choice of bed designs for Clovelly, there are 5 natural sheepskin shades to choose from or 2 shades of super soft puffballs, please take a look at my sheepskin range page for these choices, puff balls are shown above.


All bed choices are washable with our specially formulated shampoo.

Sheepskins are a better choice for cats that want to laze over the bed area stretched out with legs dangling, puff balls work great for cats that curl up and snuggle.

If you want to change to either option at a later date you can, we always have them in stock.


  • Rare breed light
  • Rare breed dark
  • Ivory
  • Icelandic Rusty longhair
  • Icelandic Black/white longhair
  • Puff ball coffee
  • Puff ball cream


Clovelly has adjustable chrome legs to suit all flooring this works really well if your floors are uneven.


This beautiful handcrafted bespoke piece does not take up a lot of room but can accommodate up to 3 kitties of average size or up to 2 large breed such as Norwegian Forest or Savannah and is designed to last litties entire lifetime.


Luxury Cat Furniture to be proud of only at Sophisticated Scratch


Free Shipping UK no assembly required

Clovelly Cat Tree ref 6121