A stunning handmade English oak piece that has 3 lazing platforms that can accommodate 3-5 kitties for those important snoozes.


With a larger middle lazing platform that can easily accommodate those larger breeds such as Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest and Savannah's or simply 2 average domestic size breeds making it a very versatile piece of furniture for the home.

The top lazing platform can also sleep 2 average size kitties and the bottom 1 kitty


This oak limb has come from a 100 year old fallen oak tree and has been seasoning for around five years is totally free flowing just as nature intended.

The base has a beautiful black resin slice with embedded oak pieces giving a very classy look to this very bepoke piece.

The base also has adjustable chrome legs these are great for uneven flooring adding extra stability to this super sturdy piece.


The grain and knots on this particular piece are incredible and will do any home justice a showcase this masterpiece.

I would class the colour as medium oak with honey tones.


No need to buy a seperate scratcher this piece has one all built in and is of a good size. The sisal on Sophistcated Scratch breed tree is 10mm in thickness twice a thick as some high street options so it will last kitties a lot longer before re-sisal is needed.

We offer a Re-sisal service available for this piece when kitties have eventually worn through.



There are five natural colours of authentic sheepskin bed toppers available for the Woolacombe cat tree all removable and 100% washable with our wool wash. Sheepskin toppers are always in stock if you so wish to change colours at a later date you can.

Shown here in the photos we have Ivory, rare breed dark and puffballs.

Switch the look if you want by adding a puffball instead of a sheepskin we have two colours to choose from.

  • Coffee
  • Beige

Puffballs are great to keep kitties back warm and are also washable. 


Rodney Rat is a handmade cat association cat toy so kitty can identify that this is their furniture to scratch upon. Rodney is handmade with Natural sheepskin and sisal and cats just love him. 

This piece comes with Rodney Rat to match chosen sheepskin.


Woolacombe cat tree is a beautiful exquisite piece of English oak that will last a lifetime for kitties and compliment your home giving much pleasure to all.


No need to be embarrassed of your cat furniture anymore now you have found Sophisticated Scratch 😻

Woolacome cat tree comes fully assembled ready for kitties to use.

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Woolacombe Cat Tree ref 6421