Daisy Cat Tree Ref 6721


A Beautiful solid handmade English Oak cat tree with a handwoven open wicker basket from the Somerset Levels from one of the oldest withie growers in the UK. 

Daisy cat tree is for one kitty of domestic breed size to enjoy.

The wicker basket has a lowered lip at the front for easy access and a higher back to them snug.

The wicker basket is sat on a gorgeously aged solid English Oak stalk and base bespoke and totally unique to you.

Bed choices include puffballs in either coffee or beige or natural sheepskin available in  5 colour shades all 100% washable, please see sheepskin range page for colours.

Photos show coffee puffball, Rare breed dark and ivory colours


Daisy cat tree has a built in cat scratcher for space saving and convenience.

Sophisticated Scratch uses 12mm of top quality sisal which is three to five times thicker than other cat scratcher brands for comparison.

We also offer a re-sisal service when kitty eventually wears it out so you do not have to keep buying cat scratchers in the future.


The base has adjustable chrome legs, great for uneven floors and also it prevents rocking when kitty scratches.


Rodney Rat is an association natural cat toy handmade from sheepskin and sisal. Kitties love playing with Rodney he lets them know that this is their piece of furniture to sleep and scratch upon and comes with Daisy cat tree, he swings from the wicker basket.

Rodney will match your bed choice in colour.


Daisy cat tree has been designed to last kitties entire lifetime and comes fully assembled and if you get bored with the look you can change sheepskin colours or puffballs as we always have them in stock.


Delivery: 3 - 5 business days


Another beautiful piece from Sophisticated Scratch 😻

Free pick up service available to save shipping costs





Daisy Cat Tree Ref 6721

    • Height 79cm 
    • Depth 48cm
    • Width 48cm
    • Basket 48x47x22cm
    • Basket Entry Lip 14cm
    • Sisal 42x59cm
    • Adjustable chrome legs
    • Re-sisal service available