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Ocelot Cat Scratcher 00722: A Luxurious Scratcher for Discerning Cats


Cat scratcher 00722 is part of our Ocelot collection, a beautiful and rustic cat scratcher made with high-quality Devon oak, built to last. 

The medium to light oak tones complement any home décor, while the nearly 1.5ft of sisal provides ample scratching area for your feline friend.


Eco-Friendly Re-Sisal Service Available: When the sisal wears out, simply utilize our re-sisal service to refresh your scratcher and extend its lifespan, saving money and reducing waste!


Key Features:

  • Stylish Design: Complements any home décor
  • Durable Devon Cak Construction: Built to last
  • Adjustable Legs: Perfect for all floorings
  • Re-Sisal Service Available: Extend the life of your scratcher
  • 2-Year Guarantee: Ensures your satisfaction


Give your cat a gift they'll love – order your Ocelot 00722 Natural Rustic Cat Scratcher today!



    Cat Scratcher 00722

      • 71cm (h) x 32cm (w)
      • Sisal area 41cm x (h) 32cm Girth
      • Sisal circumference 10mm
      • Weight 7.65kg
      • Adjustable chrome legs
      • Ocelot Re-Sisal Service £35
      • 2 Year Guaruntee
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