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Embrace Nature's Strength: Cat Scratcher 5623


Indulge your feline companion with a cat scratcher that seamlessly blends natural beauty with durability.

Inspired by the raw power of nature, Cat Scratcher 5623 features a gnarled medium oak tone branch that has stood the test of time.

The weathered surface has been wrapped with 12mm sisal providing a gratifying scratching experience for your cat, while the elegant resin design in the base adds a touch of modern sophistication to your home décor.


Nature's Beauty, Engineered for Durability

This eye-catching cat scratcher is crafted from a real wind-fallen oak limb, preserving the natural imperfections and crevices that you will love. 


A Unique Piece of Art for Your Home

The exposed oak branch stands tall on a sturdy resin base, creating a visually striking statement piece that elevates your living space.

The resin encases small fragments of the branch capturing the essence of nature's raw beauty.


Never Replace, Simply Re-Sisal

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our cat scratchers. With our re-sisal service, you can extend the life of your Cat Scratcher 5623 indefinitely.

Simply remove the stalk and send it back to us for new sisal, ensuring your feline friend has a scratching haven for years to come.


Experience the Ultimate Scratching Experience with Cat Scratcher 5623

Elevate your home décor with a unique cat scratcher that celebrates nature's strength and provides lasting comfort for your feline friend. Order your Cat Scratcher 5623 today and witness the joy it brings to your home.

Cat Scratcher 5623

    • Height 83cm
    • Oak base 
    • Oak limb circumference widest part 47cm
    • Sisal 12mm Length 45cm
    • Weight 10.5kg
    • Sundra Re-Sisal Service £45
    • 2 Year Guaruntee
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