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Introducing: Cat Scratcher 5723 in White Marble and English Oak 


Indulge your feline companion with the epitome of sophistication cat Scratcher 5723. Crafted with darker English oak tones and generously wrapped in 12mm sisal, this bespoke cat scratcher stands as a testament to both durability and style.


Poised on a stunning white marble slab, this cat scratcher is not just a functional piece but a statement of refined luxury.

The juxtaposition of the rich oak and pristine marble creates an aesthetic that seamlessly blends into your home decor.

The base of this cat scratcher is also available in black marble.


To elevate the experience, Cat Scratcher 5723 comes adorned with Rodney Rat, our handmade association toy.

Rodney Rat is more than just a playmate; he's an integral part of the design and your cats association with their cat scratcher, enhancing the visual appeal of this luxurious cat accessory.

And the best part? We offer a re-sisal service for all our cat scratchers. Bid farewell to the hassle of replacing the entire scratcher—simply opt for our eco-friendly re-sisal service and ensure your feline's favorite accessory lasts a lifetime.


Experience elegance and longevity with Sophisticated Scratch

Cat Scratcher 5723

    • Height 77cm
    • Marble base in black or white 40x30cm
    • Sisal 12mm 55x35cm
    • Weight 9.7kg
    • UK shipping included


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