A beautiful handmade English Oak Papa Scratch with lots of character.

Light caramel and beige tones with a with lots of hearty 12mm natural sisal on this bespoke piece to keep kitties busy for a long time.


The base has a elegant ageing with adjustable chrome legs which works really well for uneven flooring.


This Papa stands at a generous 89cm tall and has a convenient notch to hang future cat toys from and will come with a Sophisticated Scratch Rodney Rat toy inclusive.

Rodney Rat is handmade from natural sheepskin and sisal, he is an association toy that lets kitties know this is thier scratching furniture.

Re-sisal service available when needed.

Sophisticated Scratch luxury cat trees last for kitties entire lifetime but with razor sharp claws tearing at the sisal on a daily basis it will inevitably need replacement at some point in the future especially if you have more than one cat.

When kitties have eventually worn through the sisal Sophisticated Scratch offers a convenient re-sisal service so you never have to buy a new scratcher or lazing tree again.


Papa Scratch Larger than Mama Scratch measuring from 80cm tall and handmade from solid English Oak or Applewood. Papa Scratch suits all domestic breeds especially larger cats.


Collection Welcome by Appointment 😻🚗

Cat Scratcher Ref Papa 5021

    • Height 89cm
    • Depth 44cm
    • Sisal Area 51 x 42cm
    • Base 44x59x6cm
    • Rodney Rat Included 
    • Weight 14.2kg