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Cat Tree 3723 - The Ultimate Feline Paradise! 


Your cats deserve the best, and our stunning U-shaped oak tree is designed to keep your feline friends both entertained and comfortable.

This masterpiece is ideal for up to 4 cats with the 2 cat basket size, offering two distinct and luxurious lounging areas, available in 3 designs of wicker baskets for you to choose from!

Baskets are available in 1 cat or 2 cats to share (choose the 2 cat basket if you have a large breed cat!)



This cat tree is not just a luxury piece; it's a combination of functionality and style. It features adjustable chrome legs to suit any flooring type and boasts a beautiful jet black resin inlay. Arriving fully assembled, this piece is ready for your cats to enjoy and comes with a reassuring 2-year guarantee.


Elevate your cats' lounging experience – order 3723 cat tree today and provide your beloved pets with the ultimate comfort and entertainment they truly deserve! 


Sheepkins are natural in colour and pattern and will differ from fleece to fleece



Cat Tree 3723

  • Cave Bed Option

    • Height 85cm
    • Width 114cm
    • Depth 54cm
    • Weight 14.5kg

    Open Basket Option

    • Height 60cm
    • Width 101cm
    • Depth 56cm
    • Weight 14.5kg

    Wicker Baskets Sizes

    Cave bed 43x43x39cm

    Taper Open Basket 52x52cm & 57x-57cm

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