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Made with sturdy and durable materials, this handmade oak cat tree ensures stability and safety for your feline friend.

The four sleep areas are perfect for cats to curl up and rest, providing them with a sense of security and comfort.

Bed areas are adorned with natural sheepskin available in three shades that vary in patter and colour (see video).

Sheepskin Shades

  • Rare Breed
  • Brown
  • Ivory


The sleek and modern design of Cat Tree 4423 makes it a stylish addition to any home, while also offering cats a place to scratch and play.

Customers can also add a optional cat scratcher to the base keeping everything in one place for your cats. And why not top it all off with Rodney our natural association toy.

Give your cat the ultimate lounging experience with this luxurious and functional cat tree.

Cat Tree 4423

    • Height 185cm
    • Width 165cm
    • Depth 60cm
    • Top Lazing Platform 60x54cm
    • Middle Paltform 36x30cm
    • Lower Perch 34x25cm
    • Help Step 33x17cm
    • Oak Base 65x74cm
    • Weight 36kg
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