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Spoil your feline friend with the ultimate luxury cat tree 4823


This stunning bespoke solid oak cat tree is built to last and provides your cat with everything they need to relax and play. 


With four oak sleeping areas carefully constructed to ensure stability and accommodate the weight of even the largest breeds such as Maine Coons, Savannah F1,2,3 and Norwegian Forest.

Deeply cushioned sheepskins offer these generously sized havens the ultimate in comfort, allowing your cats to sprawl out and truly relax.

The adjustable legs can accommodate all flooring types and it arrives fully assembled for your convenience.

Unveiling the pinnacle of feline comfort and sophisticated design, this cat sanctuary is more than just a cat tree; it's a luxurious statement piece for your discerning home. 



  • Solid oak construction for durability
  • 4 sizeable sleeping areas with authentic sheepskin lining
  • 3 natural sheepskin colors to choose from Ivory, rare breed and brown
  • Adjustable medium oak legs to complement your home decor
  • Arrives fully assembled for easy setup
  • Free UK shipping
  • 2 year guarantee



  • Ivory
  • Rare Breed
  • Brown


No two sheepskins are the same, colour and patterns will vary due to them being a natural product, if you are after a particular shade we are happy to send photo's of current stock.


Order 4823 Cat Tree today and give your cat the gift of comfort and style!


Cat Tree 4823

    • Height 162cm
    • Width 80cm
    • Depth 70cm
    • Trunk Circumference 40cm
    • Base 55x65cm
    • Bottom Sleep Area 49x43cm
    • Next Sleep Area 51x41cm
    • Next Sleep Area 47x43cm
    • Top Sleep Area 57x53cm
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