Daisy Cat Tree ref 2921


A beautiful solid handmade English oak cat tree for one in medium honey tones with a black resin slice running through the oak base giving a very classy look.


The stalk has quality 10mm thickness sisal for scratching,  most high street scratchers have 6mm to give you a comparison.

Sisal can be replaced using our re-sisal service when needed.


Scratching allows a cat to stretch and work all of the muscles and tendons from their toes to thier neck.

Scratching may also help them look after their claws, since it can remove old claw sheaths.

Scratchers also help stop kitties destroying soft furnishings.

The tree itself has been designed to last kitties lifetime no replacement necessary.


Lots of Bed Choices 

Puffball and doughnut beds keep kitties back warm and give them a sence of security as it snuggles around them or you can have the bed more open using sheepskin we have five natural Shades to choose from.

Shepskins work well in both summer and winter months and are 100% authentic.

All of these beds are removable and  machine washable at low temperatures. 

Puffballs are available in smokey grey, doughnut available in charcoal/black.

We always have these bed choices in stock so you can change the look anytime if you so wish.


Sheepskin shades 

  • Rare breed dark
  • Rare breed light
  • Ivory
  • Rusty Icelandic Longhair 
  • Black/White Icelandic 


The base has adjustable chrome legs great for uneven flooring and gives extra stability.


Daisy is a very versatile bespoke piece of luxury cat furniture that takes up very little space it gives kitties all they need and the owner gets a beautiful piece of modern cat furniture to admire.


Daisy comes completely assembled and ready to use.

Photos are of actual piece 😻


Daisy Cat Tree ref 2921

    • Height without bed 71cm
    • English oak base 40x48x7cm
    • Sisal area 50x38cm
    • Puff ball 42x42x14cm
    • Doughnut 44x44x11cm
    • Sheepskin sizes vary